Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax problems and questions

My aunt, who is doing my taxes, called me this morning to tell me that my return was denied because someone had already used my kids on their taxes. I have no clue which kid or who did this, I am a bit annoyed by this. It will be several months before it is all sorted out. I was looking forward to paying off a bill with this money. This is just another way I am being taught patients right now.

Another way is that I really want our property to sell soon. I have had a few people come and look at it but no one has made an offer yet. I just keep praying that it will be soon, in Gods time.

Also spring break starts today. I will have an extra 17 year old around for the week also, she has stayed with me twice before, so my kids are looking forward to her coming to visit, that makes it nice. I really need make a list of everything I want and need to get done so that I might be kept on track. But for those of you that know me you know it takes an act of God to keep me on track.

One a total different topic, the cops in the town I live in have been having big problems we have had 2 different ones get arrested in the last 2 months. One for theft and the latest one for contributing to a minor, duh. What is this world coming to? As a society we have left God out of things and look what happens. Lord forgive us.

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