Monday, March 23, 2009

Some wondering thoughts

It is now spring a fact which I am so grateful for. My dad brought about 25 ewes to my place when they came none of them had lambs now all but about 3 or 4 have lambed, so there are lots of bleeting and bahing going on around here. My daughters 4-H ewe got brought in from the big field on Friday, she had to have her lamb pulled. It did not make it so we gave her two baby girl lambs to raise we have had her in a small pen near the house so that we could hold her still for the babies to nurse. Praise the Lord she took them both and I was able to open her pen and let her out this afternoon on our way to town. When we got home 3 hours later the happy little family was standing in the driveway and I watched the lambs nurse and the mama love one both babies. I comitted that it was kind of like my and my kids, we are not blood related but we love each other and are a happy family, and that if a person did not know the behind story one would never know that the sheep and the lambs were not related and the same with my family, people just think we are relates. Thank you Lord for adoption in both the human world and with the sheep. It is great because the mama sheep will raise two nice lambs and we will not have to bottle feed them, the best of all.

Spring break and respite care must go hand in hand, I have know since Christmas that I would have the extra 17 year old, not a problem. Today my certifier called and asked if I would keep a 6 year old little boy. I told him what I have going on at my house and told him if he did not mind then I would keep him. He had no problem with it and gave my number to the foster mother. She called and this boy is coming tomorrow and staying through Friday or Saturday. I think after this week is over I will need respite care for myself. I pray that I can make it.

Last Friday evening I have the wonderful opportunity to witness another home birth. A beautiful baby boy was born to a nice christan family. I am so amazed at woman-mothers, God built the woman's body with such capabilities. It only told this mother about 3o minutes to push her baby out, AMAZING. He is healthy and much loved by his 2 older sister, mom and dad. The father was so cute after the birth and the fact that it was a boy, he was on cloud 12 at least. He got to call and share the exciting news with his family and friends. Thank you Lord for babies.

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