Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beauty right out our back door

We live is such a beautiful place, I have live here all my life and have and have never taken the time to go see the wonderful sight we have right out our back door. I have been wanting to go see a couple of waterfall out by Powers and just have not gone. Well Saturday me and the kids went, and I was not disappointed at all. As you can see by the few pictures that it is SO wonderful. I was so glad that we went it was a nice way to end spring break week. The kids head back to school tomorrow. The first picture is of me and my kids in front of Elk Creek Falls. The next one is the bottom fall at Coquille Falls, third is the to fall at Coquille Falls. The last one is the whole of Elk Creek Falls. Our God is an awesome God, to create such wonder.

1 comment:

  1. You are (I'm not going to say how old) and you are just now visiting those wonderful creations of god, right there in your back yard! Seize the moment, enjoy every second that you have with the wee ones and never regret! For if you regret it will forever weigh on you.

    What beautiful h2o falls!