Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend was such an interesting weekend, I got to attend my first home birth. It was such a privilege to be able to be a witness to the birth of a healthy baby boy. God made women with such an amazing power, the power to give birth, I am in ow of mothers. Mothers are so important, the hand that rocks the cradle rule the world. Thank you Lord for the opportunity of being a mother.

I got home for the birth at 5:30 am, the woman that is living with me was still up when I got home, surprised me. My nephew was here and Carly brought him down about 6 am so he and I slept in the chair till about 9 am then I have to get ready to go to Coos Bay to help Stacey at the Bridal Fair. I was to stay at the fair while she was at the shop helping customers. I was so tired after being up almost all night. Well I got home from Coos Bay at 8 pm, long day. I came home to a teething Brogan, he was not a happy camper, poor little guy. He was fussy and so Saturday night I did not get much sleep either. I was wake up Sunday morning and then said don't wake me up again, so my kids got ready for church with out me. I am so proud that my kids were going to go with out me. I did get up and drive them so they did not have to walk the mile in the rain. I did get Brogan to sleep and he stayed home with Mel and I went to the potluck after church. Slacker I know, but boy I was tired. Brogan cut a top tooth, he now has three. He is growing up so fast. I am so grateful to be such a big part of his life. This summer will be fun with a toddler around.

This is only part of the craziness of last weekend. I am glad it is over and I did survive.


  1. You are one busy,crazy lady!!! Love and miss you sooo much!

  2. It is great to see u r haveing so much fun! It may seem like a lot at times & kind of look overweling, but I truly believe that these r the best of our years, when our kids are in love with everything we do!