Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am having computer problems

I need a new laptop power cord mine died. I had no idea until now that I was so addicted to my internet connection. I have a friend in town that has the same laptop as I do so I am able to charge my laptop battery. I have a line on a cord in town but the store guy was not in today, oh. I am also having my deck top worked on so that I will have internet even if it takes awhile to get a cord. I am so bad.

On a funner note I got to see my little niece 3 times during the last 5 days. She is such a funny little girl, I guess she is bound to be after all she is related to me. First my kids, Brogan and I road up to Julie's house with my Grandma and Aunt Corlyn. We had a real nice visit. I decide that the way to visit Julie is to take Brogan with me so she can see him while I get to visit with Katelyn. Second was Sunday afternoon after I tagged 2 sheep in Bandon because Julie was down I got to see her again. Last was Julie asked me to go to her house on Tuesday and stay with Katelyn so she could go look for our horse who went on run about to a neighbors place. I stayed with Katelyn while Julie and Jeffery when to check out what the scoop was with the horses and then they feed cows. I took lots of picture of my cute little niece while I was with her.

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