Saturday, March 14, 2009

Question of the day...

How many people dose it take to proof read a blog post? Answer at the bottom

I was showing Carly my post from yesterday and she started making fun of my grammer skills or lack there of, so I had to go back and fix the numerous problems. As I sit here typing this post she is reading over my shoulder and checking my mistakes and laughing like crazy. Just the other night Carly and I were up having a conversation about the school year perhaps going to year round school. She asked if I know why they had summer break and I told her that it was because, years ago the kids were needed to help on the farm. She was SO AMAZED that I knew this, I asked her if she thought I was completely dumb. She Is so amazed that I am actually quite an intelligent individual, I just can't spell. We are having a bonding moment right now trying to get this post right, really we are about to pee our pants. Well at least I am good for something..............comic relief. I am going to beat this teenager (with a wet noodle). No seriously beat her.

Well the answer is 3, 2-17 year olds and me.


  1. How funny! It's good to have a nice laugh now and then.

  2. I really enjoy your grammar... And comic relief, Ha you are always good for a laugh!!! Miss having you around... I have a proof reader also that comes along behind me and changes all my mistakes.