Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enjoying Sunday

I have had a very nice day today. Brogan woke up at 7 am, I changed him and feed him a bottle and then he went back to sleep. He got up at 9:30, Carly got him dressed and off we were to church. I really enjoyed the sermen today, the pastor talked about working out our salvation, not that we can earn our way to heaven but what we do reflects back on our father God. We want our actions to show others that our chistian life is important to us.

We had 4 people from church over for tacos, the kids ate and then went for a hike which left me able to really get to visit with my company which was so nice. The kids hiked for a hour all the way to my moms house they have walked to grandmas house 3 times now. This was there fastest trip so far. While the kids were hiking Brogan hook his nap, such a nice afternoon. Thank you Lord I really needed it. We are now sitting watching Ice truckers and enjoy the warm house and each other.


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