Friday, February 27, 2009

Dog troubles

Well we have had quite the drama around here lately, my dogs have gone on walk about twice in the past week. I have a 5 yr old border collie Meg and a half German Shepard puppy Blacky who was my sons birthday gift. Meg has a habit of going on walk about when we try and have other dogs, by herself she stays home. Well last Thursday the 19th, the bus driver asked Carly if we had a black puppy, she saw one on the road. Carly forgot to call me and then remembered to mention this Thursday night, I was so frustrated. I was sad that they were gone, I even put an add on the local radio about last dogs. I was praying that they would come home, well Saturday morning out the backdoor i saw Blacky they had come home. Praise the Lord. The kids were so glad to have them home, they let the dogs laid in the house watching TV with them. I too was so relived. Well then Tuesday Jeffery and I went to work at the shed and I let Jeffery take the dogs so that he could play with Blacky, well we got ready to leave and they were gone again. The whole nervous feelings all over again. I would go over to the shed to see if they were there but no. I was again resigned to the fact that the dogs were not going to come home again, but once again God answered our prayers.When Carly and I got home tonight Blacky was in her cage on the porch. Meg did not come when called so well at least one was back. Blacky came in and sleep like a rock. About half an hour ago I went out to get my radio to listen to a show and just called for Meg and this time she came. Oh thank you Lord. I had drove over to the shed and got my dog chain so now Meg will be chained at all times when we are not with her. I can not handle the emotional up and down of all this.

The dogs are sleeping in my room tonight, I am so relived to have them home. Plus it will be a nice surprise for Carly in the morning. Boy one of the passes so raunchy gas, I just might get gassed, ha ha.

So once again Thank You Lord for bring the dogs back, please help them be content to stay home. Amen

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